Behind Kadi's Chair: Amanda

By Kadi

When asked about my approach to painting hair, my response always starts with this- the process itself is organic, and completely dependent on the person in my chair. 

I first access the canvas I'm given, then take into account the kind of upkeep the client needs, and proceed to balance that with different methods of balayage. Every stroke of my brush is deliberate, nothing is random. 

Highbrow Hippie Venice

With my client Amanda, her natural color has gotten gradually darker over the years, yet, cool blonde tones still really suit her. The challenge is she has a very demanding career and really can't allot a ton of time to always be in a salon. So I leave lots of her natural color in the interior of her hair, sometimes breaking it up with gently smudged sweeps of color, and other times with a more distinct connection to the root. Her result is a dimensional blonde that will provide a seamless growout and last almost 6 months. 


Highbrow Hippie Venice

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