Simple Ways To Create Peace At Home

By Kadi

First of the month rituals...In the middle of this pic, right next to my Buddha and the front door to my home, sits a white sage plant. Its placement is no accident. When I purchased it from Dustin at Venice Plants, he told me where to place it, and some of its best properties. 


Highbrow Hippie Blog Simple Ways To Create Peace At Home by Kadi Leeo


White sage blesses your air, body and surroundings, so every first of the month, and every full moon, I add some of the leaves to my smudge stick and clear the air thoroughly. I don’t know if it works, but I do know that anytime I do a deliberate act of protecting my space and peace, that feels damn good.

What I find super cool is that the plant has now grown to almost 7 feet (it was 3 feet when I got it), and as it gets taller it grows in the direction away from the front door. I was going to try to anchor it to grow tall and straight, but that seems to go against what nature wants to do, and I like to think that it’s taking all lame and bad vibes away from the door with the direction it grows.

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