Here at Highbrow Hippie we believe that finding the right gift for someone is just one of the amazing things that brings us joy throughout the season. 


Highbrow Hippie 




Myka’s Picks:



Ayurveda Box


As a yoga teacher and student of Ayurveda, having daily rituals and practices really grounds me and connects me with my body. These small efforts can have a profound impact and coupled together have the power to really shift things in your body and your mind. 

Who’s it for: This gift is for the person who is seeking a change and is curious about Ayurvedic practices and ideas. 

How to use: Each morning use the tongue scraper to remove buildup and toxins that have accumulated throughout the night. Next take the body brush and brush towards the heart with long strokes starting at your feet moving up your legs. Then your arms brushing inwards and your belly going in a clockwise direction. Do this before showering to help with lymphatic drainage, exfoliation, increased circulation and more. After showering seal in moisture with the Everyday Oil which can be used all over and the perfume on pulse points. Each evening record your day in the Well journal and see what begins to unfold. 


Pro tip:



Connect to Self Box


For me life’s journey is about becoming more connected to self and tapping into the source energy that flows through all of us. The end of a year is the perfect time to dive in, tune into what we want from life and let our intuition guide us. 


Who’s it for: Seeker of self, those not ready for a full meditation practice but wanting to dive into a daily practice that connects them with their truest desires.



How to use: Pop a Lord Jones CBD gummy to calm any anxieties and stress you might have and light the candle. Use the gem essence in the appropriate areas to get the benefits of crystal and take some deep breaths to center yourself. Once you feel centered, use your Inner Compass cards according to the instructions. Write whatever comes up for you in your journal. Repeat daily. 


Pro Tip: Take the gummy 30 minutes before for maximum relaxation.