Red Carpet Blues


And I’m not just talking about the host….the red carpet was equally as boring….I mean, did everyone’s stylist get the same memo?? Boring.

Rene Zellweger looked totally stoned, and I have to say that I can’t blame her because I was stoned and I was at home. Had I been at the actual awards show I would have had to be ultra stoned and drunk just to be able to sit through it.

I was itching for some edge, some color and there were a few hits, but overall? Meh. Not impressed. It seemed that the hits are brought out for the after party – not the main event. Kinda like in school when your Mom took you shopping and  you got all this great stuff but you didn’t wear it the first few weeks. You’d break it out around week 2….you know, when nobody was expecting it and you could really showcase…

photo charlize-theron-oscars-2013


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