Summer Made Me Fat. Denim Doctors Is Making Me Skinny.

By Myka

I mean, the tops did, but the bottoms? Not so much. You see, this summer was christened “The Summer of Fun” by Kadi and myself and we certainly didn’t let ourselves down. And while it was super fun, it made me super fat. After a week I was finally able to squeeze into one of my favorite pairs of jeans – a Paris flea market find that I have treasured for the past 12 years. I was feeling better about myself – good even – until a few hours later when I plopped down in my seat and the upper thigh ripped open. And the knee. Damn. Guess I have to exercise…again. Or buy new jeans. Cue Denim Doctors, my go to spot for denim repair and alterations.

I called them up, shipped those babies out and a few days later got a phone call from Jason to discuss the repairs. He was awesome, telling me how to best repair the rip (invisible stitching!) and how to reinforce the weak areas to prevent any future mishaps. This was not this pair of jeans first time at this shop. They were totally restyled by these guys in 2001 – going from what was once an awkward fitting pair of jeans with great coloring and a great flare – to the kick ass rockstar jeans they are today. These guys have been around since 1994 – handling jean repair for Ralph Lauren (the man, as well as the store!) and there is no better place to send your favorite denim. Check out what they did for mine. I’m glad that they’re back, but the works not finished. Now that the holes are covered, there’s less room for ahem….expansion. That means I still have a few pounds to go, but I’m using these as my inspiration.



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