A New Way To Partake


But that was in my twenties. Now that I am older (and vaporizers have been invented) there really hasn’t been the need to light up. Until I found these babies from Jonathan Adler. I’ve been burning them for about 6 years now and every time I light one, people immediately want to know what it is. Including my mother who would NEVER spend $68 on a candle but has. And does. It’s my homes signature scent. We can’t keep them on the shelf at WAX – and at $68 it’s a pricey candle, but the upside is that when the candle is spent you are left with an amazingly awesome ceramic canister that’s perfect for storing cotton balls, q-tips, hair bands, bobby pins…or….


Author: Myka

Founder of WAX + BUFF, energetic entrepreneur, mid century modern devotee, recycler, world traveler, voracious eater & lover of tequila.

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