A Grateful Heart is a Joyful Heart


We each keep a gratitude journal to express appreciation for the blessings that exist in our lives no matter how big or small. Taking the time to write these things down each day really gives you perspective. Living in gratitude keeps us at HBH focused on the good in life rather than the unpleasant, and increases the power in our affirmations. Gratitude is really a simple key to a happier life.

Here are some of the things we are grateful for today:

  1. The beautiful colors of the changing leaves this Fall. Nothing beats natures color palette
  2. The fact that the restaurant where we ate breakfast was playing Beyoncé.
  3. Champagne
  4. Our friendship
  5. Flexibility. In mind and in body.

So from the two of us at Highbrow Hippie to all of you, we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving. Celebrate. Life is good. Be grateful.


Girl Crush


They were beyond. They’re STILL beyond. Each had an “imperfection” that made them perfect. Cindy’s mole, Lauren’s gap between her front teeth, Iman’s impossibly long neck. In their heyday they reigned nonstop on cover after cover, untouchable. Until, one day, they didn’t. The shift started slowly, with a month here or there featuring Jennifer Aniston or Charlize Theron pitching their latest rom-com instead. Now, in a sad case of the times (aka famous celebrities and actresses and infamous reality stars), anyone with a movie to market or a sex tape to hawk is front and center instead.

Call me elitist, call me unrealistic, call me whatever. But fashion magazines always provided an escape for me, a fantasy, if you will. And while some may argue that they still do, I’d rather ogle an unconventional beauty such as Kristen McMenamy or a regal stunner like Iman, than stare at cover after cover of Hollywood’s latest style “icon” photoshopped within an inch of their life. Once in a while the fashion obsessed is thrown a bone in the shape of Kate or Giselle (still no last name necessary). But as I looked around the salon today, all I saw on the current covers were Lauren Conrad (remember her?) reminiscing on life after her reality show, Britney Spears with a bad wig on, Selena Gomez talking about holiday style and Justin Beiber, Ashley Green yapping about Twilight (are they really still making those movies?!), and Taylor Swift gushing over her latest love (by the time the issue went to press they had broken up). THIS was supposed to inspire me?! This is my escape?! The American public’s infatuation with reality stars and fast celebrity is rendering the unknown model with the stunning face obsolete. The European counterparts have yet to give in as much to this madness, and thankfully at the salon we have both the French and Italian versions of Vogue to ease my pain.

Back in the day, and even now, I could hardly afford anything in these magazines. But it was never the point. I loved looking into a world that was glamorous and alluring. It’s really one of the reasons why I started a career in the beauty industry at all. And as crazy as it sounds, a part of the appeal was the unattainability. Who could forget American Vogue’s 100th anniversary cover, with the world’s leading supermodels, hair perfectly tousled, all clad in white jeans and crisp white button downs knotted at the waist? Realistic? Nope. Visual perfection? Absolutely. I’m just not inspired looking at the 7th cover of Jennifer Aniston this year, touting her as “America’s sweetheart” and “the ultimate girl next door”. Too vanilla, or as I like to say, “needs salt”. Like a true fashion diehard I want to look at a magazine with a quirky, tall, glamazon, and think to myself, “now THAT’S a magazine cover”…..

Linda, Christy, Cindy. Yes please.

Current Covers…..

The Supermodels. Utter perfection.

One word. Naomi. ‘Nuff said.

Helena. Claudia. Naomi. Christy. Stephanie. I mean…..


A HBH Technology Diet


It makes me crazy. The constant texting, Facebook updates, emails from every source….I find it exhausting. And distracting. At the risk of sounding like my grandmother, I’m a bit nostalgic for the ‘olden days’. The days where I left my house and my phone calls, texts and emails didn’t follow me. When if I missed a call I wasn’t even aware of it until they called me back. IF they caught me on the home phone.

The constant expectation to be accessible has started to wear me out – I’ve noticed it taking a toll on my behavior, every time the phone rings I sigh, “Who’s interrupting me now??” I leave my phone on silent pretty much all the time and have just recently changed my text alert tone so that it isn’t so obtrusive.

Now all this isn’t because I don’t want to talk to or engage with people, it’s because in true Highbrow Hippie fashion I want to engage with myself. I am one of those people who actually enjoys being by herself. At WAX I’m always responding to emails, talking with clients or engaging with my staff. Some days I get to focus on the things that I want to get done that day, other days, not so much. Some days the emails, television, Facebook updates and text messages end up circling around in my head drowning out my own thoughts. Until I hit reset.

So I’ve put myself on a technology diet  in the pursuit of being more productive and focused on doing what I want to do I’ve come up with a few strategies I’ve implemented:

1. I only check my emails twice a day. Once at 11 and then again at 4. During the week ONLY. Weekends are email free zones.

2. I turn my phone off one day out of the weekend and at night.

3. I stopped watching as much TV. This one has proven to be much harder than I anticipated. It’s always such a welcome distraction, so I’m considering getting rid of the entire thing.

And while I’ve noticed some pushback from people, “Did you get my email?” “Did you get my text?”. I’ve also noticed that as time has gone by, my friends and family have gotten used to the fact that sometimes I answer my phone and sometimes I don’t. If they don’t hear from me they know that I’m just listening to myself. Like a Highbrow Hippie should.


Go West


Year in and out I depend on this store for the staple pieces in my wardrobe, as their quality is second to none. Each year I find myself needing to purchase fewer things, as each piece gets better looking with age and with proper care. My obsession with the store was ratcheted up a level once I got a chance to see the open vastness of the west with my own eyes, certainly the inspiration behind everything that the Ralph Lauren brand represents.

I am fortunate to have amazing clients in the Jackson area of Wyoming, and last summer I headed there with my cutting partner Jason and assistant Evelyn to tend to their hair.This AMAZING group of friends are truly the kind of clients that I would do for free and still feel like I’ve come out on top. Of course, Myka came along too, as I always try to include the bestie whenever I travel to a new place. Our favorite find while we were there? Sky Wolf’s Native American & Western Art, run by executive director Joseph Skywolf. We tried on gorgeous turquoise jewelry, admired hand made moccasins, and even got to test out some vintage headdresses. Myka has since become obsessed with obtaining one to display in her home.

Visiting Jackson was a great way for me to see how western wear is effortlessly worn without spending an insane amount of money. This is why the “Ralph Lauren look” is so timeless and easy to replicate. Navajo and western inspired clothing also doesn’t have to be relegated to spring and summer and the fields of Coachella. I incorporate this look in my wardrobe no matter the season, whether it be to pair denim on denim with a pair of perfectly broken in boots, or to wear a tonal outfit of head to toe winter white, gray, camel or black, accented with my favorite western inspired jewelry. Below are a few things that I have already purchased or plan to add to my wardrobe for the upcoming winter season.

Leather boots from Free People $398

Shawl Cardigan from Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply $209.99

Long strapless cashmere gown from Ralph Lauren Black Label $611.15

Necklace from Tibetan vendor on Abbott Kinney $75

Long hooded cardigan from Free People $168

Turquoise bracelets purchased at a flea market in Atlanta for $15 each


Finding Your Tribe


 According to Seth Godin, author of Tribes. “A tribe is any group of people, large or small, who are connected to one another, a leader, and an idea.” See his TED talk here.

But, as is the American way, when one belongs to a tribe, outside categorizations inevitably start to creep in. Labels, assumptions, classifications, restrictions. All words that don’t fit into the Highbrow Hippie vernacular. Anyone who doesn’t fit squarely into your tribe is deemed deficient in some way – so you like dogs, love to draw but don’t recycle? Sorry, not a fit. Love cross-fit workouts but aren’t vegan? What kind of new age healthy person are you?

The person who loves dogs, drawing, yoga and steak. As well as the occasional cigarette. We can’t find a perfect fit, so off we go narrowing and redefining the definition of what a Dog Loving Recycler can be, and before we know it we’ve found our Tribe. But guess what? The tribe is boring. Because everyone is EXACTLY LIKE US. How can you grow if you only surround yourself with people who think and act the same way you do? How can you grow if you don’t stay open to acknowledging other peoples ideas, thoughts and opinions? If you don’t focus on what connects us and not what pushes us apart.


In discussing the presidential election, we kept coming back to how disturbed we both were with the pervasive nastiness and disrespect. For the last 3 months all we’ve observed is hate, judgement and vitriol between the parties. Just some of the quotes on Facebook alone were enough to send us into cardiac arrest. One particular gem stated that “anyone happy about the president’s reelection lacked a formal education, no offense.” The broad sweeping generalization that half the country is uneducated? Not ok. Now don’t get it twisted, we haven’t found our ideal tribe in either of the parties – but we look for what connects us and head that way. Not with disdain for the other party, or an unwillingness to debate and discuss the issues, but with an open mind and the willingness to be wrong. You see, we belong to multiple tribes.

For us at Highbrow Hippie and those that support this blog, we hope we can forge ahead without the confinements of labels and name calling. We hope that we can all create and live our lives without the ugly cloud that is judgement. Who cares if we don’t agree on everything? That’s not the point. The point is to find what we do agree on and use that as a starting point. Because we’re pretty sure that by working together we can create something so much better than any of us can create alone. You can balance a checkbook to the penny? Perfect. We’ll use the money you saved to finally take us on that vacation. Because as much as we might like to believe it, we never really get what we want by ourselves, do we?